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The interesting myth of that your hair changes every seven years

Did you know that your hair changes every seven years? Well not exactly, but it is near to the truth.

This myth comes back from distant times when a girl that was not a believer in stability and only believed in constant things such as the liquidness of the water and the hardness of the rocks. She also believed in the chaos of her hair and the lack of ability to control her.

She tried everything, from flatting irons to all kinds of shampoos until she finally had to come in peace with the fact that she will never be able to change her hair and she has to live with it.
Until one morning she woke up and it looked like a miracle happened. She looked herself in the mirror and her hair, was like replaced. She instead now had sleek and well styled hair. She couldn’t believe the fact that she had an actual manageable hair.

The girl tried to enjoy the day as long as possible because she thought that such miracle happens only once and yet, a week after, she woke up with that sleek hair again and again. She couldn’t believe what actually happened.

First, she believed that it must have been a climate thing. Then again she reasoned that it must be her new diet plan. Yet, none of these explanations could have that big impact to her hair and she knew it, but she still wanted to know how? How does your hair change overnight?

It was then when she told all her friends and cousins of the weirdest thing that just happened to her and they saw the difference. A cousin of hers was not in surprise and told her that it is a very normal thing because your hair changes every seven years.

Later the day, she googled it and surprisingly, it was true. However, one shouldn’t rely on google responses on any health matter because they are not proved and can mislead you.
Therefore, the girl contacted doctors and told about her specific situation, she even contacted a hair loss specialist. All of that trouble in order for her to find out the explanation of what just happened to her.

He got her first answer from a doctor that asked her if by any chance she is pregnant. She said she is not and then again asked what does that has to do with her hair transformation. Then he explained that because of the estrogen levels which arise, pregnant women often experience hair transformations.

Other doctors have responded that is not that unusual thing to happen and it may just be you losing your volume and you perceive your hair more sleek. Some of the doctors even say that there doesn’t have to be a particular thing that will cause your hair transform.

However, in the end of the day, the girl was happy she had that hair transformation happen to her. And we all would because we know how hard styling your hair can be.

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