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Shocking: A Teen Dies From An Excessive Caffeine Intake

How would you feel and would you believe that a 16 years old person, died from an excessive caffeine intake?

Yes, Davis Allen Cripe has lost his life because of drinking too much soda, coffee and energy drinks.

This news was confirmed in South Caroline where the cause of death was that Davis has in within two hours, consumed a MC Donald’s latte, a large Mountain Dew and an energy drink.

The cause of his death was stated as caffeine-induced arrhythmia because of what he drank, his heart fell out of rhythm and caused an irregular heartbeat.

His parents explain how he never even drank alcohol or smoke cigars or any other illegal stuff. They state that they have lost their son because an excessive amount of caffeine intake, which is a legal substance.

They want to tell the public how these drinks are very dangerous and for everyone to once and for all stop drinking them.

Nowadays teen’s caffeine intake is larger than before and they are addicted to it.

A recent study was made in order to find out why do kids and teens most of all are tend on drinking so much caffeine. The results were that thanks to the caffeine they felt more alert and had the energy to study harder and longer.

16 is pretty gosh darn lit

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And they are not mistaken actually because caffeine works in a way that stops the molecules to signal fatigue to our brains. It also has the power to trigger the release of dopamine which leads and eventually gives us a wired feeling. However, what most don’t know and realize that caffeine is not just an ordinary brain or mental boost but it also interferes with our sleeping habits as well as it is the great cause for our mood swings.

Doctors were actually pretty amazed of what happened to Davis and how could an excessive amount of caffeine intake kill someone until they finally conclude and state that every and each one of us have a different way of metabolizing caffeine. This is the reason why we shouldn’t test it on us because it can become ultimately dangerous as proved.

Other doctors explain and advice who and when can consume a proper amount of caffeine. For example, the slow metabolizes often drink coffee before bed which causes troubles with sleeping and insomnia. On the other hand, fast metabolizes they can drink coffee all day without experiencing any special side effects.

However, all of them were on the same side that kids shouldn’t be allowed to consume caffeine at any kinds and way because it has proved to be very dangerous even if one has no medical records.

They need to be advised and explained how the caffeine intake can affect their neurological and cardiovascular systems that are still growing. They should stay away from caffeine as long as possible because studies have also shown that caffeine, it is ultimately an addictive drug.

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