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Sexual assault begins way before college

The latest studies have shown that one in four women experience sexual assault when in college. Yet according to a very recent research, these sexual assaults begin way before college starts.

The investigation was made with both high school and college students and there were 17,000 reports of sexual assaults. However, the most interesting part was that 5000 of them were victims just under the age of 14!

The study also revealed that victims from the age of 10 to 14 were the ones most likely to report a sexual assault. It was also revealed that one of five kids that reported the assaults were either raped or sodomized.

Even more the authorities of this research state that the numbers of assaulted kids and students is probably much higher with the ones that are going to college. Many of the states don’t even track or care about sexual violence even though is probably really obvious.

Administrators and school and college managers even have the habit of re-naming what is sexual assault in “bullying” which is nearly not as bad as the reality.
Some schools even try to bury and hide all the obvious sexual violence in order for the public not to become aware of and to be real, no principal ever wants their school to be labeled as the “rape school”.

However there are many smart people out there that believe that this miss-treating the sexual assault and not taking the accountable responsibility for it is what makes children and students so insecure when it comes to reporting if they had been violated. It also has a lot to do with how kids view this terrible action. This is why we need to look at this situation seriously and recognize this condition in order to be able to help our children and stop these unhuman acts.

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