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Porexia Is An Important Health Issue

Have you noticed lately that your pores are way larger than they actually appear?

Well if you had, you are not alone because over 2000 women in the recent study have reported that their pores are wider and larger than they should be. What they don’t know is that this condition is actually very serious health issue which can be a sign of many other health problems.

Out of this obsession about the pore size, women got a new term out called, porexia.

Well, wanting to do something about how your pores appear and treat them is one thing but become utterly obsessed with them is another. A doctor even stated that this condition and obsession can grow a lot and disturb your daily life because you become over obsessed about your pores and you lack productivity and stop being responsible because of this condition that drags all your attention.

The doctors also advise people with this health issue not to try everything they read on the internet and use all kinds of scrubs and treatments at home by themselves because this will cause them more harm than it will ever bring them good.

The response about the appearance of this health issue is that one has such pores most of all because of genetics and as soon one accepts that fact as soon he will move and will never end up with porexia. However, if one wants to treat and better this condition there are other more healthy ways.

For example, you should start using collagen based cream at night and use sun protection daily. This will be of a great help because it is the collagen which holds the pores tight. There are also very successful laser treatments you can try with specialists and experience the great results.

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