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Miss Indiana – tanned herself every day and got skin cancer

Everyone loves a good and dark tan but that doesn’t mean that you should do everything in order to have it.

Such actions and tanning can increase the chance of you getting skin cancer, which is not the price to pay for just a nice tan.

This is the mistake a 27 years old girl named Britanny Winchester did. She tried tanning first for her prom and everyone loved the results and told her how pretty she was. Since then, she decided she is going to keep her tan forever. Yet, in order to do that she had to use tanning bad and even enjoy and relax while doing it.

At that time, as a teenager all she did care about were her looks and what others thought about her. For those causes she even went tanning every single day. With time, she becomes addicted to it and she proceeded doing this for every single day, 3 years in a row.

She even used every chance she got to go lying under the sun and tanned without any sunscreen. She exposed herself directly under the dangerous sun and laser. She let herself burn and all she cared about was her looks.

Now she is being honest and telling that no one actually told her not to use tanning beds as often. She says how people found it very natural for her being so tanned and she was actually happy about it. Her mom was the one that always yelled at her to use sunscreen when under the sun and told her that she might get skin cancer because the sun is very dangerous. Yet, Britanny didn’t seem to listen and she was not aware the ever worse side-effects the tanning beds had.

She continued using tanning beds even in college yet not every day as per usual but less often. Yet, after her first year of college she got her first skin checks that were regular. When she had her appointing the doctor found some very suspicious moles from which he had an example in order to test it. Yet the results of the tests were to turn back negative. However little did she know that certain types of moles are increasing one’s risk of the appearance of skin cancer.

Later on, on the following tests she got diagnosis that she had two cell carcinoma skin cancers and Britanny was scared to death. She got very confused and scared about her life wondering how this happened and what should she do next.

What the doctors did in order to save her from skin cancer is actually pretty disturbing. They have cut all the layers on her skin up to the muscle itself at the area where the cancer is. They make sure nothing is left behind in order for it not to spread. Britanny has been saved and since then she never went on tanning beds and forever grateful that she got to cure the disease.

Now she won the Miss Indiana USA.

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