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What you should know about mixing energy drinks and alcohol

Nowadays many people are mixing their energy drinks with alcohol when they are out believing that this combination will figuratively give them wings.

Yet latest researches and studies suggest that such combination can make you feel super-drunk, meaning that you will feel more drunk than you actually are. According to a new study led by the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business, Red Bull may figuratively give you wings.

In the study there were 160 young men involved to whom was given a cocktail of energy drink, vodka and fruit juice. Yet the tricky part was that every single one of them received a cup with the same ingredients yet with a different label that emphasized some of the ingredient. Some were told that they drink cocktail of energy drinks and alcohol, others thought they were drinking vodka juice and others thought they are drinking alcohol with some other liquids.

After they drank their cocktail they were screened and asked how they felt and how drunk they feel or think they are. The results were that the ones that had cocktails named as a mixture of energy drinks and alcohol thought they are really drunk when compared to the ones that drank the same mixture yet their label did not emphasize the energy drink ingredient.
This is due to the fact that people in general believe that if you mix your alcohol with some other liquid especially with energy drinks, it can make you a lot more drunk and they result with behaviors such as stronger confidence and being more risk-taking.

Because of these psychological effects of the energy drinks and alcohol, it was proposed that the energy drink marketers should stop touting the inhabiting effects of the ingredients. This will result in a way that people will be less fooled about how this mixture affects them and they would have better control over their behavior.

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