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Cutting your shampoo will never repair your damaged hair

To be honest, we put our hair in too much.

First, we don’t care about it and we treat it with heated products and later, when the ending result is damaged hair, we treat it with all different kinds of products to repair it and make it healthier. But then again, one cannot live without styling their hair. If not flattening we must curl it in order to appear like a person that takes care of themselves. Yet even though the results are beyond disappointing we still try to figure out what in the world would help our hair get healthier?

All those tons of chemical products that also have a bad effect on the hair seem worthless. Have you ever thought that if by not using anything on the hair, it can repair itself? To be more particular, there are experiences of young woman that swear on the amazing effects quitting the use of shampoo has on the hair.

We all know by experience that the conditioner is the one that moisturizes the hair and helps in  repairing damaged hair, but can this product work if used alone without the regular washing with shampoo?

There were a lot of mixed emotions and responses when it came to this matter. Some people swore on the amazing results of ditching shampoo forever yet the specialist and dermatologists recommended that it is not that wise decision to make. When it came to the conditioner they all agreed that it cannot be replaced or reduced but in fact, if you have really damaged hair, you can use it more often and experience the effects. When it came to the shampoo the doctors said that washing your hair with shampoo is also inevitable process and skipping that part will only lead to you having greasier and more damaged hair. This is because of the fact that the shampoo cleanses the hair and the sculpt from the dead skin and the oil. Shampoo is also important if one suffers from dandruff so in the end of the day, using a shampoo is a must!

This myth of the benefits of ditching the shampoo are not real and if you want to take better care of your damaged hair, you should, just the opposite, use a good shampoo that will help you clean your head well and also has nourishing effects. However, doctors point out that what you need to avoid and stop doing is style your hair with heated products such as curling irons or flatting irons. Or if you can’t avoid doing it, make sure you do it once or twice a week and treat your hair well after that. Damaged hair can be repaired with good care and patience, so don’t lose your and good luck!


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