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Couple gets engaged after losing weight together

Nowadays people are being more aware of obesity and many are considering losing weight and starting exercise.

Andrea Masella for example, started crushing on her now husband in the gym where she said she was very inspired and motivated by his determination. Since they have met, together combined they lost 578 pounds which is extreme! Andrea says that it was love at first sight and her husband agrees!

Her husband,  Ronnie Brower started losing weight and went under diet because when he was 28 with the weight he had, doctors told him that he wouldn’t live to see 30 years! With his weight of 658 pounds that was not a surprising fact! After that, he decided to change his life completely and at the age of 32 now he weighs 458 pounds, lives a lot healthier and is happier than ever. Yet in the same period of time, his now-wife lost up to 120 pounds!

After his weight loss journey, Brower says that he gained so much weight because he was eating his feelings and he was obsessed with alcohol, pills and fast food. He explains how the breaking point of him wrapping his heard around the fact that he had to lose the weight and lead a healthier lifestyle was the first moment he met Andrea.

Now, at their wedding, the personal trainer of Brower is his best man and he said that he and his wife to be Andrea are a match made in heaven!

Photo credit: Ronnie Brower via AP Photo

Their story about losing weight together and falling in love in the same time is absolutely inspiring and motivating. They are the example of how one can do anything if they just imagine it and put all the efforts in it. Eventually everything will be worth it.

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