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Can diet and exercise make you fat?

Recent debates and studies are actually researching if diet and exercise can really make you fat. Like in the latest TED talk when this topic was brought up where a condition and strength coach gave this statement and also said that the fitness and the health industries are all lies.

Jay Cardiello,  professional trainer has been training celebrities from Sofia Vergara to Jenifer Lopez and other for whole his life. He swears and advises us to be aware of the misconceptions the industries create. He explains how the health industry confuses us and tells us to eat this food instead of that food and make business and money out of it. He even goes further and tells us how the labels such as “gluten free” or “all natural” are actually designed to trick us in order to buy them and later feel better about what we consumed even though it is probably not as healthy as we thought it is.

We need to open our eyes and see how promoting diet and exercise and healthy products is made by the brands that profit from our health problems.

For example he states about the probably most famous diet plan there is called the juice cleanses. It is a period of time when one only consumes fresh squeezed juices and gets all the toxins out of the body. Yet, little do they know the truth that such diet plan will leave you fatigued and very far from fit.

This is why doctors and specialists strongly advise for us not to believe everything we see or hear and never try any diet if it is not backed up with science. In fact we should invest in someone that is professional when it comes to diet and exercise, someone who will motivate us on starting and leading a healthier lifestyle.

When it comes to the food labels, we need to be smarter than that and stop believing everything that is written on that piece of paper. Because eventually if something really is gluten free then logically it contains a lot of refined sugars which make the particular food unhealthy. We need to be smarter and realize how diet and exercise are not that simple and if we are not doing them right they can even make us gain more weight than we actually had when we started.

Doctors advise not only to care about diet and exercise but also stress less, get enough sleep and surround ourselves with people we love. There are many ways of us being healthier and happier.
When it comes to exercise itself, it is not as important to do a one hour exercise if you have had a long and stressful day and you are feeling tired. Such exercise will not benefit you so you should probably sleep that time or do 15 minute good workout which you will get results from.

However, one has to put a lot more effort than just diet and exercise but really focus and dedicate themselves to leading a healthy lifestyle.

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