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An Amazing And Inspiring Weight Loss Journey

Jessica Weber is from Peru and has recently been on an amazing weight loss journey when she lost half of her weight which is actually 180 pounds!

Yet for her and for all those who lose extreme amounts of pounds, this journey doesn’t end there and there is no happily ever after.

After she finished her goal of losing 180 pounds Jessica published a selfie on her Instagram showing her new figure and the giant skin she is left with after her weight loss journey.
She is fully aware of what losing such an amount of weight means and she accepts her reality yet she wants to show the world how losing the pounds is just a part of the hard work because, later a whole process follows.

She explains how she is learning to deal with the enormous lose skin she is left with until she loses some extra pounds and go under surgery. There is no other way, she says. Yet until then, she states that she is not going to hate her body and is going to embrace what her body managed to accomplish.

In an interview, Jessica spoke very honestly about her weight loss journey and how she gained so much weight from when she was 9 to when she was 22 years old.
First, she went under weight loss surgery and after that she has started on leading a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise.

She explained how the way that she looked, made her life so hard as well as her social life.

Now she is a body positivist advocate on Instagram and wants to inspire people not to give up and start working for the body they have always wanted in order to feel better about themselves. She explains that the weight loss journey is just a part of a whole process of your new becoming.

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